Responsible Safari: how to travel ethically – Pat 2


How do you make a difference in the lives of the people living in the communities through which you travel? As you will see, there are many simple ways that you can do good while travelling in Africa.

Cultural sensitivity


First and foremost, do a little homework on the culture of the people living in the places you’re travelling to and be sensitive to that culture. Unsure how to act? Ask a local. Africans are renowned for their friendliness and we are very happy to share our different cultures and let you know what’s okay and what’s not.

Buy local


When buying curios and gifts to take home, support artists and craftsmen selling their own wares, rather than big stores who put huge markups on their goods.


Buying from the source ensures that the income made goes to support local families.

Giving back

Giving money is not ideal , but donations, such as clothes and school supplies are welcomed.

School supplies, clothing and toiletries


Places like Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are always looking for school supplies: pens, pencils, small notebooks and colouring pencils are always needed and are easy to pack in your suitcase.

Clothing is also welcomed and simply donating your clothes, shoes and even sleeping bag/camping gear at the end of a trip is a good way to give back.

Toiletries, too, are a great thing to donate – soap, toothbrushes, sanitary pads. Each year thousands of young girls miss school for up to a week each month because they can’t afford sanitary pads. Donate these to schools, from where they can be distributed or donate to one of the many programmes.

Education, education, education

One of the biggest hurdles in Africa is education, with a vast majority of children not completing school and, in some cases, not even starting school due to a huge number of hurdles, financial, social and spatial.