Booking for : 24 Days Ultimate Ugandan Birding safaris


24 Days Ultimate Ugandan Birding safaris

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe international Airport.

Day 2: Avian life tour to Mabamba bay wetland sanctuary and transfer to Lake Mburo National Park.

Day 3: Birding tour at Lake Mburo National Park.

Day 4 Transfer Lake Bunyonyi Kabale.

Day 5: Birding Nyombi forest and transfer to Mgahinga National park.

Day 6: Birding Mgahinga National park

Day 7: Transfer to Ruhija Sector in Bwindi.

Day 8: Full day birding in Mubwindi Swamp.

Day 9: Birding tour to Buhoma.

Day 10: Half day birding in Buhoma and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National park.

Day 11: Birding Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 12: Birding and Launch cruise Queen Elizabeth National park.

Day 13: Transfer to Kibale National park.

Day 14: Birding Kibale National Park and Bigodi wetland Sanctuary.

Day 15: Birding Kibale National Park, Green breasted Pitta trail.

Day 16: Birding and transfer to Masindi.

Day 17: Half day Kanio Pabidi Royal millage trail and transfer to Murchison falls National Park.

Day 18: Birding and launch cruise in Murchison falls National Park.

Day 19: Bird watching Murchison falls National Park.

Day 20: Transfer to Kampala.

Day 21: Transfer to Mabira Forest.

Day 22: Birding Mabira Forest.

Day 23: Transfer Back to Kampala.

Day 24: Reserved for departure.

Day 1,Arrival

You will be welcomed by our guide at the airport and transfer to the Hotel. Depending on the time of arrival, we can do birding at Entebbe botanical Gardens or Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

Day 2,Avian Life Tour to Mabamba & transfer to Lake Mburo National Park

Early in the morning after breakfast, we bird Via Mabamba Swamps for the elusive Shoebill, Some papyrus endemics, the African and Lesser Jacanas, the White-faced and Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Blue breasted bee-Eater, Caruthers’s Cisticola, The Black-Chested, Brown and western Banded Snake Eagles, a number of Gull and Heron Species and other water birds species. We shall drive and have a stopover at the Equator for photography and lunch. After lunch, we proceed to Lake Mburo national park for dinner and overnight at lodge.

Day 3,Birding Tour at Lake Mburo N.P

Have an early morning breakfast before going for bird watching in a game car, we shall search for different bird species and return for lunch at the accommodation. After lunch we go for a boat ride in search for the African Finfoot, Coqui, and the Red-winged Francolins, Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Brown Parrot, Barefaced Go-away bird, Harlequin and Blue Quails, Common Button Quail, White-headed and Black-billed Barbet, Greenwood Hoopoe, Common Scimitarbill, Blue-napped Mousebird, Pelicans, the African Fish Eagle, among others. We shall return to the accommodation for dinner and overnight at lodge.

Day 4,Nyombi swamp and Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

After breakfast with our packed lunch, we bird in Nyombi swamp which is a must for bird watchers. After we drive to Kisoro in western Uganda for the birding experience in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which is the country’ most scenic protected area. We shall reach in the evening and relax at the accommodation until time for dinner and overnight at lodge.

Day 5,Mgahinga Uganda Avian Safari

After breakfast, we shall go in the park with our packed lunch for bird watching through a variety of Montane habitats, In search of the Rwenzori Turaco, Dwarf Honeygude, Kivu Ground Thrush, Rwenzori Double-collared, Regal and the Purple-breasted Sunbirds, Archer`s Robin chat, The cinnamon Bracken and Mountain Yellow Warblers, the Dusky and much Sought after Shelley’s Crimson-wing and many more. We shall have a stopover for a lunch picnic and after continue with our search for the birds. We shall then return for dinner and overnight to the accommodation.

Day 6,Transfer to Ruhija in Uganda

Today after breakfast with our packed lunch, we shall go for birding in Ruhija in search of the darling African Green Broadbill, Handsome Francolin, Strange Weaver, Shelley’s and Dusky Crimson-wings, Stripe-breasted Tit, Rwenzori Batis, White-browed Crombec, White-naped Raven, Purple-breasted Sunbird, Sharp’s Starling, Mountain masked and Rwenzori turaco and many more. We shall have a picnic stopover for our lunch and then continue with our search for birds. We shall then settle in our accommodation for our dinner and overnight.

Day 7, Whole Day Birding Mubwindi Swamp

After breakfast we drive to Mubwindi swamp for birding. As we are in Mubwindi Swamp we look out for the Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, White-tailed Blue-flycatcher, Brown-capped warbler, Black-billed weaver, Black-necked weaver, Red-headed Malimbe, Grey-headed Sparrow, Waller's Starling, Stuhlmann's starling, Montane Oriole, Many Coloured Bush Shrike, Bocage's Bush Shrike, Brown Crowned Tchagra, Pink Footed Puffback, Ludher's Bush-shrike, Doherty's Bush-shrike, Mountain Illadopsis, Rwenzori Nightjar. We shall have our packed lunch and continue with the search. In the evening we shall return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 8,Birding Tour to Buhoma in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

After breakfast with our packed lunch, we shall go for birding in Buhoma region. As we bird to Buhoma, we look out for species like, the Black Bee-Eater, Dusky Tit, Brown-caped Weaver, the Yellow-billed and yellow-spotted Barbets, the African and Black-and-white Shrike-flycatchers, Common Stonechat, Brown-throated and Chestnut Wattle-eyes, Apalis, just to mention but a few of the forest species. We shall have a picnic stopover for lunch and then continue with the birding tour. In the evening we shall settle in our accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 9,Uganda Bird watching at Buhoma

You will rise relatively early for a jovial breakfast to give you the energy needed for bird watching in Bwindi. Report to the ranger station where the guides will take you through the forest, slashing at the undergrowth, to look for birds. Therefore, a reasonable degree of fitness is required as well as a sturdy pair of walking shoes. On top of that, there are other animals which you could see on the way. We shall have a picnic lunch and after lunch, we will spend the balance of our time here looking for other bird species. Later you will drive to your accommodation where you will have dinner and overnight.

Day 10,Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today we head to Queen Elizabeth National Park after breakfast. As we are transferring to Queen Elizabeth, we look out for species like, the Black Bee-Eater, Dusky Tit, Brown-caped Weaver, the Yellow-billed and yellow-spotted Barbets, White-browed Crombec, the list is long. We shall have our lunch on the way which will be packed for us. We shall then settle in our accommodation for overnight and dinner

Day 11, Birding Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early in the Morning after breakfast, we leave for bird watching in the Mweya Peninsular. You will have the exposure to the, African Skimmer, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers, White-winged Terns, Swamp Fly-catcher, Grey-capped Warbler, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Collard Pranticles, African Jacana, Pin-tailed Whydah, Martial Eagle, Gabon and Slender-tailed Nightjars, the lovely Black-headed Gonolek, Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, Common Squacco Heron, African Skimmer, African Fish Eagle, Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, Sedge Warbler, White-winged Warbler, just to mention but a few. We shall return to the accommodation for lunch, and relaxation and wait for dinner and overnight as above.

Day 12,Birding and launch Queen Elizabeth National park.

In the morning after breakfast, we will make an early start for bird tour towards the Kasenyi trail and Shoebill wetland. The drive takes through a productive area of grassy plains, which support large flocks of a variety of stork species including the Spectacular Saddle billed and Wooly necked Storks. Other species include the Bateleur, Grey Kestrel, Lappet faced, Ruppell’s Griffon, White backed and Palm nut Vultures, African Carake, Black Coucal, Common button, Harlequin and black rumped Quails, Red necked Spurfowl, Rufous napped and Flappet Larks. We shall return to the lodge for our lunch. In the afternoon we will take a boat trip on Kazinga Channel which is a natural magnet for herds of Elephant, Giant forest hog, Buffalo, and the abundant Hippopotamus plus bird life. Birding here is excellent with great photographic opportunities. We might be blessed with congregations of African Skimmers, Great white and Pink backed Pelicans, Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, Open-billed Stork, African Skimmer, White faced Whistling Duck, Marsh, Wood and Common Sandpipers, Malachite Kingfisher, African Jacana, African Wattled Plover, etc then later we return for dinner and over night as above

Day 13,Transfer to Kibale National park

An early breakfast, we drive to Ishasha to try our luck upon the search of birds. In this beautiful sections for hundreds of species, among which will include; African Thrush, Ruppell's Long-tailed Sterling, Black-headed Gonolek, Slender-billed Weaver, Little Weaver, Black-headed Weaver, Grey-headed Sparrow, Red-headed Lovebird, Spur-winged Lapwing, the African, Red-eyed and African Morning Doves, the Winding, Croacking and Zitting Cisticolas, just to mention but a few can be seen. We shall have a picnic lunch before we continue to Kibale. Afters lunch, you will be transfered to Kibale forest. Kibale's major attraction the chimpanzees, these delightful apes, more closely related to humans than to any other living creature, are tremendous fun to watch as they squabble and play in fruiting trees. A network of shady forest trails provides much to delight botanists and butterfly lovers, while birders are in for a treat with 335 species. The elusive forest elephant, smaller and hairier than its savannah counterpart, moves seasonally into the developed part of the park.

Day 14,Birding at Kibale National Park.

You will go for a briefing at the park headquarters with your packed lunch. We shall start our bird watching journey in Kibale forest. Abundant birds like; Scaly Francolin, Marsh Tchagra, Black-bellied Seedcraker, Green-backed Twinspot, Bicoloured Manikin, White-naped Pigeon, Afep Pigeon, Narina’s Trogon, Joyful Greenbul, Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo, Black Bee-eater and many others. This is home to Blue-Headed Coucal, Blue-Breasted Kingfisher, Scaly-Throated Honey guide and Black-face Rufous Warbler can be seen. If time allows, it will be possible to have a nature walk at Bigodi wetland which is managed by the community for extra search for birds. Dinner and overnight at lodge.

Day 15, Birding Kibale National park

After breakfast we bird here in search of the darling Green-breasted Pitta and more forest species like the, Brown Illadopsis, Brown Illadopsis, Brown-capped Weaver, Brown-chested Alethe, Black-headed Oriole, African Emerald Cuckoo, Bronze Mannikin, Zebra Waxbill, Bronze Sunbird name it. We shall return for lunch and relaxation at the camp as we wait for our dinner and overnight as above.

Day 16,Bird watching and Transfer to Masindi.

After breakfast, as we transfer to Masindi, we shall do bird watching as we leave the park. On this day more time is spent on the road up North. This is one of the very bumpy roads of Uganda. There shall be a few stops for birding along the way. A choice will be made by the guide on which road to use. Lunch will be en route. On arrival at the resort, you can enjoy any of these activities. Bird can be seen in the Gardens and swamp, Camp Fire in the nice gardens with a nice breeze and evening Walks in the Gardens. In the evening we have our dinner and overnight at resort.

Day 17,Half day bird watching at Budongo Kaniyo Pabide and Transfer to Murchison falls.

Today morning you will drive to Budongo forest after breakfast. It’s a home to various bird species and these include Rufous sided Broad bill, Puvell’sIlladopsis, Grey Long bill, Yellow Browed camaroptera, White Thighed Hornbill, and Red Tailed Ant thrush. We later cross the River Nile to Murchison Falls Conservation area (Murchison falls national park comprises of Bugungu and Karuma Wildlife Reserves. It derives its name from the Murchison Falls where the mighty River Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and flows down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes. The vegetation is characterized by savannah, river line forest and woodland. Wildlife includes lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeest, Oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees and many bird species including the rare shoebill. We shall have a picnic lunch during our search. There after we shall transfer to Murchison falls national park for dinner and overnight.

Day 18,Birding and boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park.

We start after an early breakfast and go for a whole birding tour on foot with a game ranger for the early and late morning active birds. We get back to the lodge for lunch then take a launch cruise to the bottom of the falls. You will get closer to the edge of the water fall and see it plunging in the gorge from a 50 meters wide gorge down to a 7 meters gorge this is an interesting site that brings us to the closest distance to the magnificent falls. Here, your list shall include; The Little Grebe, Great White and the Pink-backed Pelicans, Red-knobbed Coot, African Water Rail, Allen’s Gallinule, Black Crake, African Crake, Black Heron, Goliath Heron, Purple Heron, Green Backed Heron, Wattled Plover the list is very long. We will return to the lodge and relax till time for dinner and overnight.

Day 19, Bird watching Murchison Falls National Park.

We have an early morning breakfast then go birding on a game drive to the delta. We carry packed lunch with us so we will waste no moment if we are to see a bigger number of savanna birds along with other wildlife. Among the many species you should expect include; The Secretary Bird, The Giant, Pied, Malachite, Stripped, Chestnut-bellied, Blue-breasted, Woodland and the African Pygmy Kingfishers, House Martin, African Rock Martin, Lesser Stripped Swallow, Ethiopian Swallow, a number of Buzzards, Barbets, Rollers, Harriers, Vultures, Eagles, Bee-eaters, Warblers, and so forth. We shall return to the lodge for relaxation as we wait for our dinner and overnight as above.

Day 20,Transfer to Kampala.

After breakfast, then embark on your journey back to Kampala. A brief stop at the karuma bright in case we used global village. Or Zziwa rhino sanctuary in Nakasogola for lunch (optional) at $45 you can do Rhino tracking then proceed to Kampala. We shall have a visit to Ndere centre for entertainment from Ndere troupe then proceed for dinner and overnight.

Day 21,Transfer to Mabira

After breakfast, we shall transfer to Mabira. We shall bird all the way to the biggest forest reserve closest to the city center with a record of 315 bird species. The forest has 74 of the 144 species of the Guinea–Congo Forests biome that occur in Uganda. We shall make a stopover at Sezibwa falls after drive to Mabira lunch . We shall then relax at the camp till evening. Enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas.

Day 22,Birding Mabira Forest

After breakfast, we shall drive to Mabira forest, and we search for birds. Search for the Nahan’s Francolin which is an IUCN Red list’ endangered species, Cassin's Hawk-eagle, White-spotted Flufftail, Afep Pigeon, Grey Parrot, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Black-shouldered Nightjar, Sabine's Spinetail, Cassin's Spinetail, Blue-throated Roller, African Dwarf Kingfisher, White-bellied Kingfisher, Red-tailed Bristlebil, etc. We shall then have lunch and continue our search. Return to the camp in the evening for dinner and overnight as above.

Day 23,Transfer to Kampala

After breakfast, we transfer to Kampala, carrying memories of Mabira with us. We shall have lunch in Mukono at a selected restaurant and continue back to Kampala. For the rest of the journey enjoy the vegetation, change in culture. We reach in evening at the hotel.

Day 24,Departure

After breakfast, we transfer to Entebbe. We make a stopover at Lutembe ramsar site for bird watching on Lake Victoria. We shall then drive and have lunch and refreshment at Airport guest house before our departure back home. We shall then drive to the airport for our flight back home carrying memories of Uganda with us.

Additional Tour Info

  • Price Range : $ 3600 USD
  • Location : Uganda
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